Look forward and keep paddling!

Look forward and keep paddling!

AmOur has finally launched after a long stretch of hard work. The lack of sleep, long days and juggling to balance everyday life, has finally seen open waters. It feels surreal to see AmOur go live! Inspiration, passion and love does keep you going and pushes you through tough waters.


This floral flutter top has a unique back detail and feminine flutter sleeves that rolls together, comfort, playful and girly all- in- one. It has the little humans smiling and asking where to get this top. 

Each piece of garment style has been inspired by the amazing kids I am surrounded with each day. I think about how they would like to express their personalities through their choice of wardrobe. With the same token, how would the pieces of garments I offer contribute to their smile.

I speak to my little human about "making people's day" and how our choices subtle or exaggerated affect the day. I believe, half the battle is what we decide to wear and how that outfit translates into our mood, smile and how we present ourselves. As an adults, I am sure there have been days that we have selected our wardrobe according to how our mood was at that point. Maybe, even going through phrases of sloppy choices because of the everyday stress and not wanting to put the extra effort in something we feel so minor. A dear friend once told me, "I put on my makeup everyday for myself, not for others. It is a way for me to feel put together, in control and start the day right!

AmOur clothing isn't about impressing others, it's really about allowing our little humans to be themselves and express their personalities. 


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