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AmOur launched in 2022, founded by Debbi. (that’s me!)

I was inspired by my munchkin, who loved to pull out her beautiful dresses and try to wear them to school everyday. Regardless of the occasion, the weather or the situation, she would want to wear them everywhere. I literally had to stop her at times because I felt it was “too fancy” or if she were to ruin them. I found myself searching for outfits that were more inexpensive for her to wear and for me to feel less pained when they got ruined. I hit a wall shopping at Brick & Motor with price point, selection and quality. Hence, AmOur was founded with my passion for fashion and my daughter.

AmOur was built on the idea of providing comfortable and trendy outfits for children inspired by a mix of fashion design aesthetics. I wanted to take everyday outfits and provide well- made, reasonably priced clothing that sets little personality styles apart in a subtle way. Parents and kids approved clothing for all occasions is our goal. Dream big, have fun, and look good while giving unexpected surprises for our bundles of joy to rule the world!